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Amputees are Awesome is dedicated in helping people dealing with limb loss, break through barriers that would prevent them from enjoying a full and joyful life. One of the ways we are doing that is making sure that we provide information on support group in their area that will help them to get the resources they need to move forward.

About Us

Amputees Are Awesome is a non-profit organization, based in Atlanta, GA, whose mission is to provide amputee children and adults with new prosthetic limbs to enhance their mobility and lifestyle.

Amputees Are Awesome’s founder and amputee, James Gouch is a well-known entrepreneur and volunteer.

As a survivor of the psychological and emotional trauma that can come with being an amputee, James Gouch has championed each obstacle that he has faced in his lifetime.

Providing amputee children and adults with new prosthetic limbs is an initiative that he is passionate about and actively seeking to impact in a major way!

You never know when you'll meet a friendly amputee.

A Smile 🙂 and a leg to stand on!

Living Life with the ones you Love.

Standing. Strong. Supporting.

Amputees Are Awesome Signature Tote Bag Set – *$19.99

Set includes two (2) tote bags.

Proceeds from each purchase goes to providing a new prosthetic limb for a child or adult.

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